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Achieve more success through coaching

If you don't personally know an executive coach, or anyone who has had an executive coach to get a reliable reference, consider the following advice when searching for one . . .

Hiring an executive coach can be incredibly advantageous.  However, like most things in life, fit matters.  Seek someone with the right chemistry.

Keep in mind executive coaching is often a 6 - 12 month engagement.  If you’re going to work closely with someone for that length of time you’ll get far more out of the experience if it’s someone who is relatable.  Other factors to consider in selecting a coach are: experience, respect, and confidentiality.

Experience & Respect

In addition to chemistry, it is wise to consider whether a prospective coach has firsthand executive experience with situations similar to yours.  There is a difference in working with a coach who has personally overseen or actually held the same leadership role as the one you desire to attain.  It’s not impossible for a coach outside of your area of expertise to be helpful, but there will be aspects of the challenges you raise that they will not be able to fully appreciate.

Over the course of time, you’ll find you feel better and make more progress if your coach is someone you respect.  It is inevitable that your coach will challenge your thinking – if you’ve found a good one.  If you don’t have genuine respect for your coach there is a good chance you’ll resist important, identified behavior changes.


You may have accepted that there is something holding back your career success, but don’t want to expose it to those close to you.  One of the big benefits to hiring a coach is you can engage with someone who is independent and can keep intimate details in confidence.  In order to make real progress you need a safe place to work through issues and obstacles.  Seek the help of someone outside your environment.

TWG founder, Thomas Watson, is a trained and certified executive coach.  He was the CEO of three different companies and held several C-suite roles earlier in his career.  Most recently he has spent his time advising and coaching high-potential leaders.

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